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What is Rainbow Six Siege?

Released in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege (also known as R6 or simply Rainbow Six) is a five-versus-five tactical shooter and one of the most popular esports games today. Taking a page from MOBA esports like League of Legends, Siege allows players to pick from a roster of specialized military operators. Each Operator brings their own unique toolkit to their team.

They are classified as either an Attacker or a Defender. In each round, the Attacking team must infiltrate a compound controlled by the Defending team before time runs out.

Games are played first-to-seven, with the teams swapping sides after six rounds. It might sound short compared to CSGO’s first-to-16, but rounds in Rainbow Six are slow and meticulous. Due to the intimate map size and emphasis on tactical play, teams can spend minutes poking and prodding at each other before first blood is drawn. Each round is as suspenseful as esports can be.

For a bettor, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Rainbow Six Betting. There’s an ongoing league for almost every region, culminating in the yearly Rainbow Six Invitational. The game rewards creativity and game knowledge as much as it does gunplay. If you’re looking for suspenseful esports with a vibrant, competitive scene, Rainbow Six Siege is the title for you.

Betting on Rainbow Six

Esports betting is no fun without big tournaments to bet on, and luckily for Rainbow Six betting fans, there’s a new event every week! Siege enjoys both a rich and well-funded third-party competitive circuit and a main professional league managed by Ubisoft, the game’s developer.

Here are a few of the ways you can bet on Rainbow Six esports matches.

Match-Up Winner

The classic betting option, match-up winners allow you to bet on which team will win the match. A series can consist of up to nine games, so one won game may not be the end of your bet.

Correct Score

Think you can guess exactly how many games both teams will win in a match-up? This option lets you guess the exact score at the end of the match. If you’re right, you’ll receive bigger rewards than just a match-up wager.

Match-up Handicap

If you think your team is so good they’ll destroy their opponents, you can bet on how much they’ll win by. A handicap of -2.50, for example, means they’ll have to end a best-of-five series 3-0. The handicap gives the other team an extra 2.5 games, making lopsided games more interesting to bet on.

Maps Played

Think a certain match will be a stomp or a marathon? You can bet on the exact number of maps played in a series. One map means one game, so a best of five can have anywhere from three to five maps. You also bet on who will win each individual map.

Rainbow Six Betting Guide: Watching

While watching R6 with no knowledge beyond the basic premise can be entertaining, the real enjoyment comes from understanding the game’s unique character interactions and recognizing skillful moments. The structure of each round is also one of Rainbow Six Siege’s unique features.

The match begins with both teams picking their operators one by one with some bans. Defenders and Attackers both have an assigned roster to select from. Since the game centers around taking control of a specific location, the defensive team is first assigned a spot to defend.

They get to spend 45 seconds setting up defenses before the Attackers move in. Meanwhile, the attacking team can scope out information using radio-controlled drones that are vulnerable to gunfire.

Once the preparation phase ends, the Attackers will attempt to maneuver past traps, reinforced walls, and ambushes. The Defenders will try to keep the objective locked down, with some players staying behind as anchors.

Others will try to find opportunities around the map to pick off attackers. These players are called roamers. In addition, each operator has a unique set of tools. Both sides will be using their operator’s unique gadget or ability to both infiltrate and exterminate.

Why Should I Bet on Rainbow Six?

Rainbow Six Siege is far from the only shooting esports on the block, but it offers something that the others can only hint at; tension. There is no music in Rainbow Six. The only sounds you hear are grenades exploding, machine guns drumming, and the deafening silence that comes between them. The suspense of seeing the final operator slowly creep into the objective, checking every corner far outclasses any other esports.

Furthermore, Rainbow Six’s nuanced roster requires players to think as well as they aim. Tools like fireproof barricades, anti-grenade drones, and incendiary crossbows can all interact in exciting ways. The destructible environments allow for plenty of creativity, with teams making clever peepholes or even their own doors to traverse the map.

So what does this mean for bettors? When you’re wagering on a Rainbow Six match, you’re assured a very intense match. The slow burn of watching your team inch towards the objective or narrowly defend it is exhilarating. Also, skill with guns is far from the only thing you’re betting on. A Rainbow Six wager means you think your team is smarter, faster, and more creative than the enemy.

Rainbow Six Betting Guide: Understanding the Odds

Rainbow Six Siege betting generally comes in one of two flavors. The first is the Match-Up Winner betting. Just like most other esports, you can simply bet on who will win an individual match of Rainbow Six. Winnings are based on how likely the team you bet on was to win the match. If you see a match with a surefire winner, a Match-Up bet can let you profit on the outcome.

The second option is an outright bet. If there’s a certain tournament you plan to watch, you can pick who you think will win it ahead of time. You can’t change your pick once the event starts, so choose wisely!

These generally carry much lower odds than head-to-heads because the smallest tournaments have at least eight teams. If you have a favorite R6 team to bet on, it can help you enjoy your matches throughout the event with just one simple bet.

The odds you see next to the pick represent your odds of winning. Take your bet and multiply it by the odds number and that’s what you’ll receive if you win. For example, if you and your team win at 1.8 odds and you wager €100.00, you’d receive €180. Look for games where the odds seem too slanted and bet on the underdog to win big!

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