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With its action-packed gameplay and competitive ranked match system, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a game released by ubisoft. It is played by hundreds of thousands of players due to its free updates and unrivaled tactical gameplay. There is also a Rainbow Six Siege ranking system specially designed by Rainbow Six Siege to match these hundreds of thousands of players.

Players aim to increase their MMR points by playing ranked matches in order to be placed in various ranks. The higher the rank, the higher the difficulty and competition in the games. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the MMR and ranked structure of Rainbow Six Siege.

What are Rainbow Six Siege Ranks? How Does the Ranked System Work?

Ranked mode is a system where you match with other players of your own level and you get points if you win, and you lose points if you lose. If you have just started Rainbow Six Siege and want to play ranked, you must first reach level 50. The purpose of this is to prevent new players from entering ranked matches before learning the game. There are 23 different ranks in Rainbow Six Siege. Along with Operation Ember Rise, a new rank called Champions has been added to the game.

Every new season comes, Rainbow Six Siege ranking system works as follows;

  • Your old rank will be reset when a new season starts. If you play 10 ranked matches, your new rank will be determined.
  • When the new season starts, your MMR is recalculated by averaging your MMR from the previous season and 2500 MMR.
  • After the average is calculated, you will play 10 ranked matches and your new rank will be determined. From now on, you will earn or lose 100-120 MMR on average in every match you play.

Copper – 0 to 1500 MMR

This level is usually a rank for players who have just started the game. If you have reached level 50 and entered ranked immediately, this will probably be the rank level you will be placed in. If you have a high level of personal performance, you can also move to higher ranks.

copper rainbox six rank
  • Copper V – 0 to 1100
  • Copper IV – 1100 to 1200
  • Copper III – 1200 to 1300
  • Copper II – 1300 to 1400
  • Copper I – 1400 to 1500

Bronze – 1600 to 2000 MMR

Players who have started to play the game continuously are included in this rank. In general, at this point, if you continue to play the game continuously, you can quickly rise above this rank. When we look at the MMR values, the players at this level are casual and do not have very good values.

bronze rainbox six rank
  • Bronze V – 1500 to 1600
  • Bronze IV – 1600 to 1800
  • Bronze III – 1700 to 1800
  • Bronze II – 1800 to 1900
  • Bronze I – 1900 to 2000

Silver – 2000 to 2500 MMR

This is the rank of the players who have played the game for hundreds of hours and continue to play. Players are usually people who have started to acquire some unique tactics at this level. Most of the players are usually in Silver and Gold rank. It is one of the easiest ranks to fall and rise. However, sometimes you may come across toxic players.

silver rainbow six rank
  • Silver V – 2000 to 2100
  • Silver IV – 2100 to 2200
  • Silver III – 2200 to 2300
  • Silver II – 2300 to 2400
  • Silver I – 2400 to 2500

Gold – 2600 to 3200 MMR

Now that you’ve reached the Gold level, you’ve made quite a bit of progress in the Rainbow Six Siege ranking system. Although the 2600 MMR value is not very high, we can say that you have learned the game well with your own tactics. But remember, your games will now be much more competitive, as you will be matched with other players who are equivalent to MMR points.

gold rainbow six rank
  • Gold III – 2600 to 2800
  • Gold II – 2800 to 3000
  • Gold I – 3000 to 3200

Platinum – 3200 to 4400 MMR

If you have reached Platinum, we can say that the Rainbow Six Siege adventure begins for you. Now you have a great command of the maps and some operators in the game. Having teammates at this level can help you rise from the Platinum rank. Likewise, at this level, you should continue to improve yourself and take care to practice constantly.

platinum rainbow six rank
  • Platinum III – 3200 to 3600
  • Platinum II – 3600 to 4000
  • Platinum I – 4000 to 4400

Diamond – 4400 to 5000 MMR

diamond rainbow six rank

Most players of this rank are professionals. Every match is the next level Champions after the Diamond rank, where fierce competition is experienced, and is the rank where most eSport players take part. To be on the Diamond rank, you have to play Rainbow Six Siege for hours every day to gain MMR in the ranking system. That’s why it’s important to improve your personal skills and performance in order to hold onto the Diamond rank.

Champions – 5000+ MMR

Champions is a rank that includes players over 5,000 MMR earned in a minimum of 100 ranked matches. Players of this rank have a worldwide ability. Players in Champions continue to be promoted as part of a global leaderboard. Players at this level usually compete with their teams in eSport tournaments.

If you are interested in Rainbow Six Siege’s eSport tournaments, you can place bets on Thunderpick.

champions rainbow six rank

Details of Rainbow Six Siege Rank and MMR System

After Ubisoft’s latest updates, it took a precaution against cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege. According to this measure, players who lose the game due to cheaters in ranked matches will not have a decrease in their MMR points. This system detects the matches affected by the cheat and edits the statistics by deleting the MMR settings retrospectively.

rainbow six seige ranking system mmr

Regardless of the match situation and the result, the MMR score is definitely cancelled. Whether you are on the cheater’s team or against, your score will still be deleted. While this can be frustrating at times, there are many people who think this is essential for fair play. Now let’s take a look at the details of the MMR system.

  • Each season your rank is reset and you need to play 10 ranked matches to regain your rank. After these 10 matches, you will be placed in a rank according to your MMR score. However, thanks to your MMR score, you will be matched with other players similar to your skill.
  • The biggest factor that earns MMR is to win the matches. Or if cheating is detected in the game you lost, you will still be deemed to have won MMR.
  • Losing the match is one of the things that make MMR losers. At the same time, leaving before the end of the game affects your score, and even if your team wins, the result will be the same. Likewise, if your team kicks you out of the game while you’re AFK, your MMR will also decrease. Or, if you decide to surrender as a team, or if cheating is detected in a game you won, your MMR value will continue to decrease.
  • Finally, if you lose connection during the match, you will not be penalized if you reconnect to the game. If you fail to reconnect to the match, you will lose MMR, even if your team won.
  • If the match is canceled during game finding or if the game crashes during the game, no player’s MMR will be lost.

Other MMR Details

There are some curious details about MMR. Let’s take a superficial look at them too.

  • The kills, assists and scores you get do not affect your MMR at all. In short, personal performance does not contribute to MMR.
  • Only winning or losing the match affects your MMR. If you lose a match where you get too many kills, you will lose an equal level of points. Instead of supporting your team, it is more important to win the match by giving information.
other mmr

MMR Gains and Losses

  • If you win a match with players higher than your rank, your MMR will increase even more. On the contrary, if you lose to a team with a higher rank than you, your MMR value will decrease less.
  • If you win against a team with a lower rank than you, your MMR will increase less. Likewise, when you lose to a team with a lower rank than you, your MMR score will decrease much more.
  • MMR win and lose values vary from player to player. A player who has played far fewer ranked matches can earn far fewer points than you. In short, the Rainbow Six Siege ranking system calculates your MMR score based on how many games you have played and your rank.

What is the MMR Restriction?

Rainbow Six Siege has created such measures in the Ranking System to create a fairer game. For example, Squad players have a maximum MMR and a minimum MMR. This value is at most 700. In other words, if you have 2600 MMR in Gold III rank, you can enter the game with a player with 3200 MMR in Platinum III. However, you cannot enter the game with a Platinum III player with an MMR of 3400. In this way, the skill gap that can be a gap between the players is closed thanks to this restriction and we encounter a much fairer game.

Rainbow Six Siege 5 Easy Steps to Rank Up

  1. Observe Your Mistakes

In most competitive games, watching the highlights of your own matches is the best way to improve yourself. By observing the mistakes, positions and movements you make, you take care not to make these mistakes in the next match.

  1. Playing Meta

In R6 each player has their own favorite operator. Ubisoft nerfs or buffs some operators by periodically bringing updates. That’s why it’s important to follow the game’s meta. Based on this information, you should be open to discovering new operators and adapt quickly.

rainbow six seige gameplay
  1. Making Friends

The key to playing in the higher ranks is to get teammates. Enjoy team play by discovering players with equal MMR levels like yourself. Team communication is extremely important for tactical games like R6.

  1. Be a Team Player

You don’t have to take all the scores yourself. Remember, Rainbow Six Siege ranking system is based on wins. Even if you get as many kills as you want, it won’t make any sense if you lose the match. So be mindful of team play, don’t be toxic and be patient. Be sure to play with as high ADR (damage per turn) as possible.

  1. Mastering Maps

As you know, Rainbow Six Siege has more than one map. Mastering some maps allows you to start 1-0 ahead of the opponent. Therefore, by practicing, try to learn a few maps for yourself and try to learn those maps thoroughly. Knowing where competitors may come from or learning where to peek is one of the elements that will improve you.

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