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If you’re looking for the rarest Apex Legends badges, we’ve got them here.

Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale title, Apex Legends, sees millions of gamers compete monthly. Plus, the game features a consistent rollout of content updates to keep the experience fresh. While casual players occasionally jump into matches, the more “hardcore” crowd plays dozens of games each week. And for those players, they’re eager to earn some of the rarest badges.

This guide discusses the rarest Apex Legends badges players can unlock. If you come across someone with more than one of these badges on their profile, you’ll instantly know they are either a veteran, a highly-skilled individual, or both—so look out!

What Are Badges In Apex Legends, And How Do They Work?

Badges in Apex Legends are cosmetic-only and offer no gameplay benefit to the player. These virtual trinkets, which players can add to their profile (up to a maximum of three), represent significant accomplishments in the game.

Players unlock badges by reaching certain milestones or completing specific achievements. There are more than 100 badges in Apex Legends divided into the following categories.

  • Account
  • Legend
  • Club
  • Season
  • Ranked League
  • Battle Pass
  • Game Mode

There are easy badges to unlock in Apex Legends. For example, you can earn Variety Show I by getting one kill with seven different Legends. Playing the game for several hours should allow players to unlock some Apex Legends badges similar to Variety Show I, but few will ever unlock the rarest ones.

The Top 10 Rarest Apex Legends Badges

The rarity of an Apex Legends badge depends on numerous factors, from the skill required to complete a specific achievement to the time-sensitive nature of the ultra-rare ones. Below, we’ve listed our picks for the top 10 rarest Apex Legends badges.

1. Apex Predator Season 4

Getting an Apex Predator badge already means you are in the top bracket of players. The Apex Predator Season 4 badge, however, stands above the rest. Only 500 players could get the “You’re Tiering Me Apart Apex Predator” achievement, and some of those 500 players have been banned. We estimate that fewer than 200 Apex Predator Season 4 badge owners are still in the game.

2. Elite 888

It’s currently impossible to earn the Elite 888 badge, as it hails from the Elite Queue Limited-Time Mode (LTM) before the release of Ranked Mode. To earn the Elite 888 badge in Apex Legends, players had to win eight Elite Queue matches and get eight kills or more with each win, using eight different Legends! To make things even more challenging, the Elite Queue only features teams and players who earned top-five placement in their previous match.

3. Team. Work. IV

Team. Work. IV is an Account-type badge that requires, as the name suggests, perfect teamwork. To unlock this rare Apex Legends badge, players must use a full premade squad (in Trios) and each player must get ten kills in a match. In other words, the team needs to dominate the battlefield and allow some teammates to get the last hit on an enemy while in frantic battles. It’s a badge few Apex Legends players will ever earn.

4. ALGS Participant

The only way to earn this sought-after badge is by participating in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) events. Even those of Apex Predator rank may not compete in esports events, making ALGS Participant one of the most difficult Apex Legends badges to unlock. It is truly a badge of honor.

5. Wake

You’ll need to deal the killing blow to 20 players in a single match to earn the Wake badge, also known as the “20 kill badge.” It is a tall order to get 20 kills in a single Apex Legends match, considering that you likely won’t even see 20 enemy players—let alone kill them! We suggest using Pathfinder (for his maneuverability) or Gibraltar (for his finisher’s splash damage) in your attempts.

6. Triple Triple

Earning the Triple Triple badge in Apex Legends requires both exceptional skill and luck. You’ll need to kill all three members of three squads in the same match. Considering these requirements, few players will ever earn the Triple Triple Apex Legends badge.

7. Wrath IV

You can get the rare Apex Legends Wrath IV badge by dealing 4,000 or more damage in a match. Wrath IV is the final stage of this damage badge type. You’ll rarely see players do more than 3,000 damage in a game to earn Wrath III, so adding Wrath IV to your profile shows you mean business and can dish out astounding pain.

8. No Witnesses

To kill 15 players with your entire premade squad in an Apex Legends match is no small feat. The No Witnesses badge tasks teams with killing 15 players in a single game. Plus, no player your squad eliminates can be resurrected or revived by their teammates using Legends such as Lifeline. Make those headshots count!

9. Mozam-Beast

The Mozambique is arguably the worst weapon in Apex Legends. To get the Mozam-Beast badge, you’ll need to deal a whopping 102,816 damage with Mozambique during the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event, a tall order by any measure. It is arguably the most difficult of the event badges to acquire.

10. Master Of All

To earn the Master Of All badge in Apex Legends, you must score ten wins with eight characters. Winning 80 matches can take hundreds of hours, depending on a player’s skill. Many Apex Legends players prefer focusing on one or two Legends as they hone their skills, making Master Of All a rare badge that few players will have the time or patience to grind for.

Other Rare Apex Legends Badges

Some niche, specific badges are considered not hard but impossible to obtain; for example, the Respawn Entertainment Developer badge, which you can only get if you work at the company! We’ve excluded this one from our list of hardest Apex Legends badges to unlock simply because no regular player will ever get one.

Our honorable mentions include:

  • Baller
  • Kitted
  • Hot Streak
  • Long Shot
  • Flawless Victory
  • Rapid Elimination
  • Legend’s Wake

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