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Rogue was a professional esports organization that was founded in 2016. The organization was based out of Berlin, and they specialized in CS:GO and Dota 2. They had teams competing in multiple tournaments and leagues around the world. While they had some success in these competitions, they were ultimately unable to keep up with their rivals and disbanded in 2022 into a merger with KOI. This review will look at the legacy of Rogue, its success in tournaments and leagues, and what could have been.

Active: 2016-2022

Rogue started in 2016 and was based in Berlin, Germany. They had teams competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Dota 2 tournaments around the world. The organization had a great start, quickly becoming one of the best teams in Europe and reaching the semifinals of the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals and the DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018.

Their success continued as they qualified for multiple Major tournaments, including DreamHack Austin 2018, ESL One Katowice 2019, and the StarLadder Berlin Major in 2019. The Berlin Major was their highest achievement, as they reached the semifinals before being eliminated by Team Liquid.

While Rogue’s teams enjoyed great success on the field, they were unable to keep up with the competition off-field. The organization struggled to attract sponsors and secure major investments, resulting in a slow financial decline. As a result, in 2022, Rogue decided to merge with another organization, KOI.

Despite the short duration of its existence, Rogue was able to achieve great success within the esports world. They created star players and won multiple tournaments, leaving a lasting legacy in the process. Despite this success, it is unfortunate that they were unable to secure the necessary investments and sponsorships in order to continue their growth. It could have been interesting to see what they could have accomplished had they continued to exist.

The legacy of Rogue will live on in the memories of fans and players alike. See their Twitter and Instagram for more info.

How to Bet on Rogue

Sadly, Rogue no longer exists, and as such, it is not possible to bet on them. However, fans of Rogue can still cheer for their former players in their new teams. Analyzing their performance in those teams can help you decide which team to bet on if they face off against each other. To place your bet now, you can stay here on Thunderpick and make your selection. Good luck!

Rogue: Games, Divisions, and Rosters

This team played League of Legends, Rainbow Six, and Rocket League.

League of Legends

This is one of those games that rogue esports played the most. The rogue esports league of legends team has had a professional League of Legends team, and they were very successful with it, winning multiple tournaments in 2020 and 2021. Check out some of the rosters below:


This was the handle of the Romanian player Alexandru-Mihai Pascu. He was the team captain and played mainly Top Lane in competitive matches.


This was the handle of the Korean player Kim Geun-seong. He was a Jungler, and often played Nidalee or Lee Sin in official matches.


This was the handle of the Swedish player Emil Larsson. He was the team’s Mid Laner, and often played Zed or Talon in official matches.

Rainbow Six

Rogue also had a Rainbow Six team that competed in multiple tournaments, including the Rainbow Six Pro League. The team had a strong lineup, and here are some of their players:


This was the handle of the German player Pascal Alouane. He played Attacker, and often used Dokkaebi or Glaz in official matches. 


This was the handle of the Swedish player William Löfstedt. He was a Defender, and often played Frost or Castle in official matches.

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