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Have you ever thought that your eSports knowledge would be useless in your life? Well, we can prove you wrong with the next edition of our eSports quiz that will be held at our Discord server.

So, nothing else left to do other than to participate and win some!

How to participate?

There will be another round of Thunderpick Bitcoin Series on Monday, the 18th of July. Half an hour before they start (16:30 EDT / 20:30 CET), join our Discord server and follow the rules:

  1. Each quiz consists of 5 questions, asked in turn.
  2. Each question takes 30 seconds to answer. After the admin writes “Stop”, answers are no longer accepted.
  3. The first user who answers the question correctly receives a gift of 20 EUR. The bonus has 3x rollover requirement. 
  4. Winners will be rewarded at the end of the quiz.

Have fun watching the Thunderpick Bitcoin Series and don’t miss the opportunity to win beforehand! 

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