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Starcraft 2 has reached millions of players since its debut in 2010. Many gamers who have just discovered the RTS style or are obsessed with it could not remain indifferent to the universe of Starcraft 2 and embarked on this adventure. However, it didn’t take long for the game to start to lose its player-base gradually due to not paying enough attention to the game by Blizzard. This led to quite a lot of player count drops in Starcraft 2.

So what is the current status of this fantastic game? How many players are playing Starcraft 2 online in 2021? We will try to give as precise answers to your questions as possible.

How Many People Play Starcraft 2?

It is complicated for us to answer this question definitively. Because Blizzard offers no detailed Starcraft 2 stats data, however, based on the data of some sources, we can tell how many players on average are currently playing Starcraft 2.

According to some imprecise statistics, the player count in Starcraft 2 2021 Season 3 are as follows;

  • The total number of active players in Season 3, which continued in the past months, is 260,027.
  • Only 11,091 of these active players are new players.
  • Again, the total Starcraft 2 player count of 1v1 games played in season 3 is 21,499,833.
  • The number of daily active players varies between 35k-50k. In addition, the number of 1v1 matches played daily is 191.963.
  • In general, the number of players on the US servers is less than in other regions. However, when you search for a game, it doesn’t take long to find it.
  • The European server is more active compared to the USA. However, the best region in terms of activity is Korea.

Note: Please note that the values we have given here may not be correct.

Is Starcraft 2 A Dead Game?

Starcraft 2 is a unique game. It is still played by thousands of people, especially since it does not have a rival in RTS style. If you are thinking of starting Starcraft 2, although it has lost a lot of players, it still has a dynamic player base.

You also need to know that the Starcraft 2 community is helpful. They never hesitate to teach you the game and engage in tutorial A.I matches together. Therefore, we can safely say that Starcraft 2 is definitely not dead.

Is Starcraft 2 Playable On Consoles Like Xbox?

Starcraft 2 is only released on Windows and macOS. There are no Xbox One, Playstation, or mobile versions available. If you want to play from PC or Mac, you can play Starcraft 2 by registering on the application for free.

Why Should I Play Starcraft 2 in 2022?

First of all, we must accept that the Starcraft series is an impressive game that has become a classic. In addition, when we look at the player count in Starcraft 2, we can see that it still has tens of thousands of active players daily. Although Blizzard has announced that it will not bring new content to Starcraft 2, there are still many reasons to play.

Starcraft 2 player count
  1. Starcraft 2 Is Totally Free

There is currently nothing in the game you have to pay money for, except for some additional features. You can try all game stages for free, learn and participate in the competitive environment.

  1. RTS Genre Best Example

If you are tired of classic FPS, MOBA, and strategy games, you will love Starcraft 2. You can have fun as it has a story, gameplay style, and old-school RTS elements.

  1. Ranked Matches Are Extremely Competitive

The Starcraft series may be considered the beginning of the eSports industry. That’s why the game still has a vibrant, competitive environment in 2021. Likewise, league promotion struggles within the game are among the elements that make Starcraft 2 playable.

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