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In Starcraft 2, there is a ranking system that is used for players to determine their own rank. This league system has been included in all multiplayer modes in Starcraft 2, along with automatic matching, and has been used in all ranking levels.

In March 2015, Blizzard released a series of patches, making changes to league calculations. Particularly, players who are new to Starcraft 2 have switched to a system where they can match with less skilled players in the past. In short, the problem called MMR decay has been avoided.

starcraft 2 ranks

How Does the Starcraft 2 Ranking System Work?

If you are a newcomer to Starcraft 2, you must play five matches before entering any league. You will see the league you will be placed in according to the win rate you get as a result of these five matches. Let’s give a few examples to summarize it more easily.

  • For example, you played the Zerg race in 1vs1 matches and played five matches and placed platinum as the league. After that, you can continue by choosing a different race if you want. However, please note that there is no separate league placement for a separate race.
  • The league system in team games is slightly different. For example, you entered 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches with your group of friends, and after playing five matches, you were assigned to the platinum league. Then another day, you enter these matches without your teammates, then the players suitable for your MMR will come to you, and you will play five matches again. As a result of these five matches, you will fall one league down again.
  • There is only one fact that is important to increase your league. Win every match that comes your way. If you beat the Favored opponents, your chance to rise to the league will increase even more. At the same time, while the league can increase, you can also decrease.

League Types and Division

Starcraft 2 has a ranking system that you can climb from the lowest to the highest. As we just explained, players settle into a league after five placement matches, and the league starts to rise according to the player’s performance.


There are also multiple divisions in each league. Each division has a total of 100 players. The names of the divisions are randomly generated, and each division has a separate name.

Finally, these divisions have their own season system. With the tournaments held at the end of a season, the players who will compete for the league championship are determined. The top eight players in each division qualify for the tournament.

League Types

The percentages you see represent the reserved value for that league’s active population. The purpose of developing this percentage system is to match players with players in leagues that are more similar to their performance.

Leagues NameWoL TargetHotS TargetLotV TargetEU MMR FloorUS MMR FloorKR MMR Floor
Grandmaster1000 Players1000 Players1000 Playersxxx
starcraft 2 ranking system

Starcraft 2 MMR Point System

Although it is a bit complicated to make an MMR account for Starcraft 2, we will explain it in a practical way for you. This will help you better understand the Starcraft 2 ranking system. There is an amount of points you gain or lose in each ranked match.

Simply the formula is:

P = (+/-)12 + a + b

P = Your total MMR point value.

A = The average MMR skill level between you and the opponent. This value is usually between -12 and 12.

B = These are the points you get from the bonus pool.

You see how complex the MMR system is. But do not be too upset about the points you will lose. Because with the new patches, the points you lose are deducted from the bonus pool.

What is Starcraft Bonus Pool?

The bonus pool is the type of points awarded to each player while online or offline. Blizzard designed this system so that players who haven’t played for a long time can catch up with active players. When you win a game, you get an equal amount of extra points from the bonus pool for the points you get. To put it better, let’s say you have 50 points and you won a match, and you got 10 points. The bonus pool gives you an additional 10 points, increasing your base value from 50 to 70. Your accumulated bonus pool value will also be deducted by 20 points.

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