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We have good news and better news for you. The good news that the final stage of our Thunderpick Bitcoin Series tournament is coming up on August 16. The first match will be played at 2 p.m. EDT. Check the odds here.

The better news is that we’re upping the excitement level even more by activating a Race Boost Promotion for the entire period (August 16-20). 

This means you can boost your rank points and move up the Race leaderboard in the quest for the big money! 🔥 And because each race lasts 48 hours, you can boost your points in two full tournaments! 

All you have to do is place your bets on any TBS DotA2 event. All bet types qualify — pre-match, live, combo bets — so just pick your winners and we’ll take care of the rest! 

It breaks down like this:

Standard race points multiplier for betting products:
Pre-match betting: 0.4
In-play betting: 0.3
Combo betting: 0.65

📢 Promotional multiplier for bets placed on TBS Dota2 Final rounds:
Pre-match betting: 0.4 x2 = 0.8
In-play betting: 0.3 x2 = 0.6
Combo betting: 0.65 x2 = 1.3

Looks great, right? So help us make the final stage and Grand Final of the Thunderpick Bitcoin Series go out with a bang – place your bets now! 

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