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Have you ever bet on a team to win big? Did they claim the 1st map of the game, but then lose the match? Rather than bombarding that team with a Yprac, you could simply get a special refund instead.

That’s right, a refund! Introducing 1st Map Insurance, the safest and best insurance policy you’ll find throughout the Thunderpick Bitcoin Series 3 Play-off Stage, which runs from February 4th until the Grand Final on January 6th, 2023.

With the TBS 3 soon coming to a close, there’s never been a better time to get in on all the CS:GO action without having a tilt. Even better, with 1st Map Insurance, you can play the odds knowing there’s a bit of a safety net behind your bet. Go on, play for picks!

All you need to do is place a single bet of 10 EUR or more on a team to win the 1st map and the match and, should the team you picked win the 1st map but lose the game, you could qualify to get refunded up to 50 EUR!

Don’t wait to place your bet. Go for the big play during the TBS 3 Play-off Stage using 1st Map Insurance!


  • Single bet min. value 10 EUR to qualify.
  • Player’s selection must win the first map and then lose the match to qualify for insurance.
  • Pre-Match single bet of Thunderpick Bitcoin Series 3 Play-off stage. Only the first qualifying bet placed on Thunderpick Bitcoin Series 3 Play-off stage counts for the promotion.
  • One bet qualifies for a potential refund. Maximum bet value refund is 50 EUR. No cashed-out bets will be eligible for money back.
  • Players registered before 4.02.2023 (UTC) qualify for the promotion and players with more than 1 deposit lifetime at the date of 4.02.2023 also qualify for the promotion.
  • Rollover requirement x3.

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