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Ready to influence the community?

Have you ever dreamed of being an influencer? Sharing your bets, building community and, obviously, making a lot of money? Well, we can help you start! To celebrate Thunderpick Bitcoin Series 3 CS:GO tournament, we have a special offer for all those active on Twitter and/or other social communities to get some vouchers and win some good money!

To join our competition, follow this link to our online form. All you have to do there is fill in your Twitter handle, give the number of followers and share any other active communities you have. We will gather all the submissions and contact via Twitter, and choose 10 to 20 people with biggest communities to participate!

Follow the link here:

Rules of the Competition

The whole competition will be held during TBS3 and will give participants a chance to make some “free bets” and show off their knowledge ;). Here is a quick summary of the rules:

  1. Participants will receive a $100 voucher for to be used during TBS3. 
  2. To successfully participate, each participant needs to make at least one bet for a sum of 20% of the voucher ($20). Multiple bets that add up to $20 qualify as well.
  3. Players can skip a game day (1 of 7 planned by the current schedule). Skipping more is possible only if the participants made TBS3 bets that add up to over $100. If not, the players are disqualified and will not receive any additional funds.
  4. All the bets need to be made before the match you’re betting on, on the Thunderpick market. Include a FULL bet description and odds (or a image of the bet).
  5. The bets will be followed, verified and summed up to create a leader board of participants.
  6. After finishing the event, all winnings from the bets are left for the participants.
  7. There are two prizes – “Top Winner”, which calculates the growth of budget from the initial $100, and “Top Picker” for the highest % of winning bets (minimum 7 bets to qualify). Prize for “Top Winner” is a $500 voucher, the “Top Picker” prize is $250 voucher. 

So if you are interested just fill out our form, and you just might be picked ;).

Remember to follow our social media for more details and other promotions, giveaways and special deals!

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