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As part of all the activities & promotions surrounding Thunderpick Bitcoin Series 3, our very own exclusive sponsored CS:GO event, we’re hosting a quiz on our Discord channel to find out who the Global Champ is for knowledge about the Global Offensive! 

The tournament kicked off on Monday with the opening match and the Quiz will take place on December 3, at 13:20 CET. 

What: Thunderpick Bitcoin Series 3 CS:GO Quiz
When: December 3, 13:20 CET
Where: Thunderpick’s Discord Channel
Who qualifies: Players with at least 1 deposit before the Quiz starts
Prizes: 5 prizes of 20EUR each to be awarded, turnover required x3

1. Each quiz consists of 5 questions, asked in turn
2. Each question takes 30 seconds to answer. After the admin writes “Stop”, answers are no longer accepted
3. The first user who answers the question correctly receives the prize.
4. Winners will be rewarded at the end of the quiz with a gift card.

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