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Team LDLC is a French esports organization created in 2010. It is one of the most renowned and successful organizations in the world, with more than 50 championship titles across multiple games. The team was founded by the current president, Thomas “Adrien” Gueren and is based in France. The organization competes in a variety of esports titles, including CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, and more.

Team LDLC has had a long history of success in the competitive gaming scene, with numerous championship titles and memorable performances. They have been particularly successful in CS: GO, where they are one of the most established teams in the world. The team has won multiple major tournaments, such as Dreamhack Valencia and FACEIT Major London 2018.

This review will look at the team’s performance and achievements over the years, as well as their current roster and outlook for the future. It will also discuss what makes them stand out amongst the competition and how they have actually managed to stay at the top of the competitive scene. 

Active: 2010 – Now

Started in 2010, Team LDLC have been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of competitive gaming and setting a high standard for other teams to follow. The team has had an impressive list of accomplishments, beginning with their first major tournament win at Dreamhack Valencia in 2016. This was followed by several other wins, including FACEIT Major London 2018 and ESL Pro League Season 8.

Team LDLC are also renowned for their ability to adapt and innovate, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. This has been demonstrated by their recent roster changes, which included the addition of some of the best French players in CS:GO. The team also has a great coach, who has been able to help the team reach its potential in various tournaments.

Above all, Team LDLC is a team that knows how to win, and they have demonstrated this over the years by consistently performing at the highest level. With their current roster and coaching staff, they are well-positioned to maintain their dominance in the competitive scene for the foreseeable future. The team will surely continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the years ahead.

Team LDLC’s success has also been marked by their innovative approach towards team building and development. From their early days, they have focused heavily on the best players available and have never been afraid to make changes or experiment with different strategies. This has allowed them to stay competitive and remain one of the top teams in the world.

Ultimately, Team LDLC is a team that has earned the respect and admiration of the esports community. With their impressive list of accomplishments and their willingness to adapt, they have established themselves as one of the best teams in the world. 

Check out their Twitter and Instagram for all the updates from the team.

How to Bet on Team LDLC

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Team LDLC: Games, Divisions, and Rosters

Counter-Strike is the main game that Team LDLC play.

Christophe Xia

A French-born professional CS: GO player, Christophe has been on the team since 2017. He is known for his aggressive playstyle and excellent aim and is a key part of the team’s success.

Logan Courts

Another French-born CS:GO player, Logan joined the team in 2018. He is known for his precise and calculated playstyle, which has helped the team to many victories.

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