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Want to master the new Arena mode in League of Legends? Let us guide you to victory by offering the best duos for Arena mode that will help you dominate the field! This latest dynamic 2v2v2v2 experience from Riot Games has reinvigorated the LoL arena, emphasizing only the most exciting aspects of gameplay.

But what is League of Legends Arena mode, anyway? It’s quite simple: four teams comprising two players each clash in rotating combat rounds, and they use augments to boost their champion’s power. Each battle sees teams furiously vying for first place to achieve the coveted Gladiator rank.

This guide will break down the top five combos in the new game mode. That said, we do still encourage you to mix and match teams to identify the best champions for the grind!

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1. Taric and Master Yi

Taric and Master Yi form a formidable duo in the new Arena mode of League of Legends due to their unique synergy. The Shield of Valoran’s abilities makes him a versatile support, capable of stunning enemies with his E, Dazzle, and providing a defensive aura with his W, Bastion.

His ult, Cosmic Radiance, grants invulnerability, which perfectly sets up Master Yi (or any other ADC) to dive into enemies and deal serious damage. This synergy, coupled with special augments that offer Ability Haste (spell cooldown reduction), can make them an extremely powerful, unkillable combo.

Taric’s versatile kit also makes him a great partner for other high-damage-dealing champions like Kai’Sa. His stun and defensive abilities pair well with champions who need a sturdy frontline, too, like Vayne or Kog’Maw, who can then safely deal significant damage from the backline.

Otherwise, you can pair champions with AOE ultimates, like Kayle or Fiora, with Taric to create devastating combo attacks in the Arena mode.

Image Source: Riot Games

2. Vayne and Lulu

Vayne and Lulu form a potent duo in Arena mode. Lulu’s kit is inherently supportive. It provides crowd control with her abilities to polymorph opponents or knock them up, which then opens up opportunities for Vayne to execute her high-damage output or shred through enemy tanks.

Lulu’s shields and health boosts can also bolster Vayne’s survivability in the 2v2v2v2 clashes. These factors, combined with the right selection of Arena augments, make this duo a formidable force. Vayne’s high ADC potential can also synergize with protective champions like Alistar or Ivern.

Likewise, Lulu can partner effectively with high-burst champions like Kha’Zix or Warwick, using her crowd control and support to complement their aggressive playstyle. Other effective duos harnessing robust crowd control include Annie and Naafiri or Zyra and Heimerdinger.

3. Kayle and Fiora

In Arena mode, Kayle and Fiora pack a serious punch as a duo. With her exceptional range, high mobility, substantial damage, and broken ult, Kayle complements Fiora’s precision attacks and potent true damage.

If they weather the early game, this duo’s late-game potential is downright terrifying. Specifically, Fiora’s early-game dueling capabilities ensure their survival, while Kayle evolves into a potent threat as the game progresses.

Combos like Kayle with Warwick also hold promise. Warwick’s fear and life steal can pave the way to Kayle’s power spike in the late game. Otherwise, Taric, Jax, or Master Yi are equally capable of ensuring Kayle’s survival.

The synergy between Fiora and Taric, leveraging Taric’s stuns and heals, can result in an aggressive and resilient duo, too. Alternatively, a Fiora and Annie combo, featuring Annie’s crowd control and high burst damage, aids Fiora in rapid takedowns, making them fearsome opponents in the Arena.

4. Heimerdinger and Yorick

Heimerdinger’s strategic use of turrets combined with Yorick’s ability to summon minions and create a controllable Maiden puts constant pressure on the enemy teams. Their abilities force enemies into defensive positions, granting space to strategize and control the pace of combat. 

Other great Heimerdinger pairings include Zyra, Illaoi, and Dr. Mundo. Zyra, like Yorick, brings her own summoned allies to the field, overwhelming enemies with sheer numbers. Also, Illaoi’s tentacle summons work in synergy with Heimerdinger’s turrets, creating a deadly zone of controlled space.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mundo can act as a frontline, soaking up damage while Heimerdinger’s turrets whittle away the enemy team.

5. Shaco and Teemo

Shaco and Teemo are each menacing to deal with in their own rights but make for an exceptionally threatening duo in League of Legends Arena mode by combining their abilities to deal damage and control the field.

Shaco’s Q, Deceive, allows him to vanish briefly and reappear with a guaranteed critical strike. This power is a significant menace in the early game, enabling Shaco to ambush unsuspecting opponents, giving his team a tactical edge.

On the other hand, Teemo brings an entirely different yet complementary set of skills to this combo. His ability to go invisible, lay deadly mushroom traps, and blind enemies with his Q makes him an ideal partner for Shaco’s hit-and-run style of play.

Teemo’s crowd control and capacity to whittle down enemies over time blends flawlessly with Shaco’s burst damage and evasiveness, making this duo a nightmare to confront. Banning both champions may be the best strategy for many facing this gruesome twosome!

Dominating With The Best Duos in Arena Mode

These duos offer diverse tactics to secure victory in the Arena mode in League of Legends. But remember, it’s not just about choosing the right champions; it’s about maximizing their abilities with the proper augments and understanding the enemy team’s strategies.

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