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What are cryptocurrency wallets?

Cryptocurrency wallets allow crypto owners to safely store their cryptocurrency. An owner of a cryptocurrency wallet can also use their wallet to send and receive crypto.

It is important that a crypto owner chooses a wallet that is not just secure but can also transfer and receive crypto easily. Since security is something crypto owners worry about when betting it is important to know which crypto wallet is best equipped with the latest security.

There are several factors that may determine if a cryptocurrency wallet is right for you, so here are our top 5 crypto wallets for betting.

Blockstream Green

The Blockstream Green wallet allows you to easily control and manage your Bitcoin. This wallet is cloud-based and allows you to transfer Bitcoin directly to your favorite sportsbooks. It’s safe to use and also makes it easy for beginners to understand the methods of sending and receiving Bitcoin. You can also implement 2-step authentication with Blockstream Green to enhance the wallet’s security even further.

Although the Blockstream Green wallet does have many great features that place it at the top of the list, there is one slight issue to it. The wallet is limited to storing and sending Bitcoin only. This can greatly restrict those who want to include other cryptocurrencies in their wallet. Other than that, it is a great wallet to use for cryptocurrency betting.


What makes the Edge wallet great to use is its variety of unique features. Edge offers users a wide range of cryptocurrencies to store and purchase along with discount deals at partner shops. Users can rest assured that their data is safe because Edge has no knowledge of what users do with their funds. This allows users to remain anonymous when placing their bets, making it more difficult for cybercriminals to obtain their information.

A few cons to using the Edge wallet are that the platform is still young, so expect some features to be in development. It also lacks a web interface, which can be inconvenient for web-based users. Despite these drawbacks, the Edge wallet comes with a simple interface, is easy to use, and with its privacy features and partner program, it has earned the number two spot.

Trust Wallet

The Trust Wallet is an open-source virtual wallet that allows users to store a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Setting it up is straight forward and it is easy to use for all types of users. With the Trust Wallet users are able to store and backup private keys on their own device for secure and quick access. There is also a built-in decentralization exchange with Kyber Network and a Web3 browser so users can interact with decentralized applications.

Crypto enthusiasts of all knowledge levels should find the Trust Wallet useful since its features allow it to be flexible. There are a few drawbacks, such as it not having 2fa and a slow technical support team. The wide range of supported cryptocurrencies, built-in Web3 browser, and other great features still makes the Trust Wallet great for any user.


If you are an Android user looking to get involved in cryptocurrency betting, then the MyCelium wallet is a great option. MyCelium is a well-known wallet that has strong security features allowing users to store large amounts of Bitcoin and delete or import private keys when needed. You can also integrate MyCelium with two crypto hardware storage devices, Trezor and Ledger, if you wish to have external storage.

The major drawbacks that have put MyCelium in the number four spot are its availability restrictions. Do not expect to find a desktop version of MyCelium and although an iOS version of the wallet exists, it greatly lacks in quality compared to the Android one. Cryptocurrency beginners have also complained about the wallet being a bit tough to use.


The BRD wallet, formerly known as “Breadwallet”, offers a friendly user-interface and several cryptocurrency payment options making it quite convenient for placing bets with. It also has many security features from pin codes to biometric logins. BRD wallet’s processing speeds are also impressive with one of the fastest Bitcoin transaction speeds to date.

Since the BRD wallet is a commonly used wallet for virtual betting and offers payment options with cash, credit, and debit cards, hacking and malware prove to be common threats. Phone support for users also is a pain point since the service is only for accounts with large Bitcoin deposits. The amount of possible threats to the BRD wallet and lack of support has landed it at number five.


When looking for the best crypto wallet it is important to be aware of your crypto knowledge, experience, and what you need the most. Once you have decided on the wallet you wish to use then you need to make sure you buy crypto from a trustworthy source.

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