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This weekend on Thunderpick is looking to be bigger than ever before with the start of a new edition of our weekly challenge – the Thunder Race!  🏎️🏎️🏎️

From Sunday onwards, every bet that YOU place is going to be worth more than ever, with the chance of winning a share in the 2,000 prize pool!

📅 Start: Sunday
⏱️ Duration: 7 days
🏆 Winners: Top 100
💰 Prize pool: 2,000

The winners will be determined by the amount of the Race Points earned during the competition. The amount of Race Points you get with each wager depends on a couple of factors including wager amount, odds and category modifier.

Race Points formula for 🕹️ esports and ⚽ sports betting:
wager amount × odds × category modifier.

Race Points formula for 🎰 casino games:
wager amount × category modifier.

Category modifiers for specific products and games are listed below:

  • Combo betting: 0.6
  • Pre-match betting: 0.4
  • In-play betting: 0.25
  • Thunder Spin: 0.18
  • Thunder Crash: 0.14
  • Casual: 0.12
  • Lottery: 0.1
  • Slots: 0.08
  • Roulette: 0.06
  • Poker: 0.05
  • Craps: 0.05
  • Blackjack: 0.015
  • Cards: 0.05
  • Other: 0.05

For esports and sports betting, only wagers with odds from 1.30 to 100.00 can take part in the competition. Wagers with odds lower or higher than the range mentioned above won’t receive any Race Points.

The ranking will be updated every ⌛ 5 minutes.

Each week, a new edition of the Thunder Race will begin and the rules, prize pool, the number of winners and prize value for each position in the ranking will be determined before each Race and may change comparing to the previous one.

If you’d like more details on the Thunder Race, feel free to read the Terms or contact our amazing support team.

🍀 Good luck and have fun!

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