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Thunderpick is launching the first ever eSports tournament series with a prize pool in Bitcoin! Can you tell how ✨excited✨ we are? 

The tournament will start on 17th of January and last until the 3rd of March, which means we have around two months filled with pure excitement of your favourite teams playing against each other, and placing bets to score some cash for yourself. 

There will be a total of 23  CS:GO teams from around the world, competing for a chance to win a chunk of the 1.2 Bitcoin prize pool with at least $75,000 guaranteed. 🤑

To put it simply, the minimum $75,000 will go to the winners, but if Bitcoin is gonna go up, the main prize will be as much as the equivalent of 1.2 Bitcoin is at that moment.

Check out the matchups and format on HLTV:

While it’s a great experience for teams, we’ve also prepared something extra special for you! We have tons of contests and giveaways planned for you during the event, so stay tuned and check our socials for more info! ❤️

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