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What is a Deposit Bonus?

We want to welcome you to our community with something extra to get you started. The Deposit Bonus (also known as the First Deposit Bonus or Welcome Bonus) is a one-time special bonus that is offered to new players.
The Deposit Bonus is our way of making sure you feel welcomed here at Thunderpick!

How do I claim my Welcome Bonus?

Simply register on Thunderpick and, once you’ve registered, you will be automatically see a page with the bonuses available to you.

In order to receive your Welcome Bonus, you’ll need to click Activate to and make your first deposit Welcome Bonus. Your additional funds, should you make a qualifying deposit that entitles you to the bonus, will then be automatically applied to your account.

Should you wish to make a deposit and not activate a bonus, simply click on the “Take me to deposit page directly” button to be redirected.

Does Thunderpick offer any other bonuses or special offers?

Of course our Deposit Bonus (also known as the First Deposit Bonus or Welcome Bonus) is not the only promotion that Thunderpick can offer. We recommend players, both new and returning, refer to our Promotions page. There you will find many interesting offers and bonuses that are available to you.

How does the bonus work?

We offer 100% deposit bonus which means that we will add an extra 100% to the amount you deposit into your player account. It will become part of your play funds and you can use it however you like. The maximum amount for the bonus is €500. The bonus conditions are as follows:

  • The bonus percentage is 100% of your first deposit. To be eligible to receive the bonus, a minimum deposit of €20 is required. The maximum bonus that can be earned on the first deposit is €500.
  • Playthrough: (Qualified Deposit Amount + bonus) x Rollover

Where can I check to see my available bonuses?

All bonuses offered to the player are available on the “Bonuses” page at accessible from the “Dashboard menu” (showing number of active bonuses) where all present and past bonuses will be displayed.

Can I withdraw money when a bonus is active?

No, your bonus must be completed in order to withdraw funds. You can only withdraw your “cash funds” when a bonus is active.

Can I forfeit my Welcome Bonus?

Bonuses may be forfeited on the player’s part, however, in order to forfeit the Welcome Bonus or any other active bonus is to ensure there are no active wagers. Forfeiting the bonus clears bonus funds and transfers locked funds to cash funds.

{Amount} is the amount of Bonus funds that you have currently available.
After clicking “Yes”, you will receive a notification that states “Bonus forfeited successfully!”, and after clicking “No” the pop up will be closed.
“Learn more” link redirects to FAQ with explanation how forfeiting bonuses works.

Pending wagers: If you click on the “Forfeit” button, a verification will be made to see if there are any pending wagers. In case there are, the forfeit is cancelled and the following message appears:

Forfeit not available
Bonus cannot be forfeited while there are still pending wagers.

In order to forfeit, you will have to wait for wager settlement or use the “cash out” option for each wager, if available.

How many bonuses can I have active at once?

Players can only have one (1) active bonus at a time. If a player has a bonus active and wishes to activate another bonus, the player will be required to either complete the rollover requirements of the current active bonus or, when applicable, forfeit the active bonus.

If I play with bonus, which balance will be used first towards the rollover requirement?

A player’s total balance is now divided into 3 separate wallets:
Locked Funds Applies to match bonuses, where part of the deposit is locked until rollover requirement of the bonus is met. Remaining funds will be transfered Cash Funds when Bonus rollover is completed.

Bonus Funds All funds given through various bonuses will be placed in this wallet and will be released to Cash Funds after completing rollover requirement.

Cash Funds Funds that can be withdrawn at any time by the player.

This breakdown will be displayed in various places across the site.
The “Balance” page is accessible from the “Dashboard menu”:
Page displays user’s total balance with funds breakdown:
Locked Funds
Bonus Funds

What is Order of funds?

The order of funds is how different types of money relate to each other to better track the money that a player deposited and the funds received from any type of bonus or promotion.

You will have a clearer view into when your bonus will be credited to you as withdrawable money, allowing you to resign from the bonus without fear of losing your own money and to do it without needing to contact Customer Support. There are 3 type of funds (balances):

  • Cash
  • Locked
  • Bonus

What is Cash Balance?

Cash balance is a balance which a player can withdraw at any point in time without any restrictions, even if any bonus is active, unless otherwise restricted for another reason. Cash balance is tracked separately from bonus “locked” funds (see below).

What is Locked balance?

Locked balance is considered to be player funds, however, it’s locked as a security deposit would be on account of bonus funds. It’s an in-between type of balance, which goal will be described below.

What is Bonus balance?

Bonus balance are funds that are not of the player as these haven’t been deposited by the player but rather given as a bonus. If a bonus is ever forfeited, the bonus balance funds are reduced to zero and considered seized.

What happens when I cancel a bonus?

Once you’ve clicked Cancel on an Accepted Player Bonus, the Bonus Offer can be used again.

How can I activate the bonus again?

After clicking ‘Activate’, the player’s bonus is created and the Bonus ID is changed from Bonus Offer to dedicated Player Bonus and the player will receive a message “(Bonus-title) has been activated. Make a deposit to receive it.” The button changes into a “Deposit” button and a “Cancel” button also appears.

Deposit Button: Click this button to open the Wallet module on the Deposit tab.

Cancel Button: Click this to cancel the Player Bonus and your previously Accepted Bonus Offer will be made “Active” again.

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