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We’re all about providing the best possible player experience and that begins before the games even start! We always look for ways to improve the signup process, account management, payouts and more and this time we’re making some changes to the way you can add funds to your account. 

Starting now, we have enabled Tether over the Tron network (TRC-20). Now players can choose within the Tether currency which network they want to use — ERC-20 (ethereum) or TRC-20 (tron). This applies to both deposits and withdrawals. 

Using Tether is faster and cheaper so you should definitely consider this as an option. USDT/ERC20 (the “old” one) will be denoted as USDTE and its limit stays the same (5k €) per week. USDT/TRC20 (the “new” one) will be denoted as USDTT and its limit for now is 1k€ / week, 5k€ / month.

Here’s how to proceed with the cheaper and faster deposit:

Enter your Wallet ( → click deposit → choose Tether

Now choose between ERC-20 or TRC-20 and scand the QR code (which we cut from the screen)

That’s it! Now you can get your funds in and out even faster while you enjoy your time at Thunderpick! 

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