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An old soccer saying claims: “7 days without soccer makes one weak.” This is especially true for those who enjoy soccer betting, as there’s nothing quite like winning wagers while at the same time celebrating your favorite team’s success.

With the English Premier League about to start you need to arm yourself with as much as knowledge. To help you get there, we’ve got some expert soccer betting tips.

Please note: We do not guarantee success with these sports betting tips. Odds examples are fictional. Thunderpick is not responsible for losses.

1. Research Soccer Betting

If you want to score multiple goals in soccer betting and win often, the most critical first action is doing diligent research. This beautiful game has no shortage of topics you can research, including team substitutes, previous matchup histories, player strengths/weaknesses, lineups, and home/away game records.

With meticulous research, you’ll uncover more data, such as unforeseen circumstances that could affect a soccer game’s outcome. We’re talking player injuries, conflicts between players, weather conditions, and scandals, among other factors. Many betting veterans find this part to be part of the entertainment element when betting on soccer.

2. Study Betting Lines

At Thunderpick, we provide users with several soccer betting markets (lines) focusing on specific aspects of a game. For example, soccer games include Correct Score, Half-Time Score, Over/Under, Half Winner, Both Teams Score, First Team To Score, and Total Goals at Full-Time betting lines. Specialized betting lines generally have higher odds than picking the winner of a game.

You’ll also see tournament-specific moneyline options, from Outright Winner to Top Goalscorer, and final standings. Studying these soccer betting lines can help your outcomes, as you learn when it’s wise to pick one betting line and steer clear of another. Combine your research knowledge with betting line data for the best results!

3. Listen To Experts

Listening to experts is an ideal way to improve your soccer betting prediction accuracy. Experts include commentators on matches, TV show and podcast hosts, coaches, and players when they share their insights during pre-match interviews or previews. These stakeholders can divulge information primed for soccer betting that you may not otherwise have access to. For example, you may learn valuable points about current player form, morale-affecting situations, and recurring issues due to injuries.

4. Understand Soccer Betting Odds

This might be one of those obvious soccer betting tips but betting odds can be confusing for new bettors. The easiest way to explain how odds work is that they represent the sportsbook’s (aka bookmaker’s) confidence that a particular outcome will occur. For example, if there are 3.1 odds of Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. winning a game, the sportsbook’s data indicates they are the clear underdogs.

We recommend always choosing the odds type you feel comfortable with, including Fractional, American, and Decimal. The mathematical equation for calculating the Decimal odds payout is Bet x Odds. Using the example above, if you bet $100 on Brighton to win with 3.1 odds, you’ll earn $310 if the team wins, making $210 in profit.

5. Enjoy Live Betting

One of the best soccer betting tips is to get involved in live betting. Live in-play betting on soccer games is thrilling, putting bettors in the middle of the action at the best betting sites. Betting on soccer live can make watching the games more exciting and lucrative. Taking note of commentary and player substitutes can put sports bettors at an advantage, while they place live wagers based on what occurs on the field in a Real Madrid and Roma clash, for instance.

With live betting, odds fluctuate throughout a game based on current events. Choosing the right time to place a wager and knowing when not to is vital to success in live soccer betting, and this knowledge comes with experience.

Try live soccer betting today!

6. Do Some Soccer Betting Dry Runs

Instead of jumping into soccer bets headfirst, you can write down your soccer predictions without placing bets. Once a match finishes, check your betting prediction accuracy and improve it with more dry runs.

You’ll learn a lot about the intricacies of soccer betting with this approach. To improve your predictions even further, you can practice on a specific team. For example, you could place pretend bets on Manchester City, or in a particular league, such as Serie A. The value of this cost-free method of improving your soccer betting skills is immense.

7. Practice Makes Perfect

Once you complete a few dry runs, it’s time to place soccer bets using crypto. Unless you get lucky, you may be wrong about your first few betting predictions. Bettors shouldn’t just give up. Instead, know that just like everything else in life, placing the best bets consistently requires experience.

During this practice period, we suggest using a betting strategy with either a percentage-based or a fixed staking method to stretch your gambling budget.

8. Try Combo Bets

Combo bets, also known as “accumulators” or “multibets,” let you select more than one soccer bet and combine them. Combo Bets can significantly increase odds, making combo betting a potentially lucrative feature. The downside is that you’ll lose the bet if one prediction fails.

At Thunderpick, our betslip is equipped to handle any combo bets on soccer matches you want to place, so test it out! The more bets you string into one combo bet, the higher your chance of losing. At the same time, your potential payout increases exponentially. If you’re a beginner, we suggest sticking to a combo bet of three or four until you feel confident in your soccer betting abilities.

9. Don’t Get Emotional

As soccer betting tips go this is probably one of the most important. The passion flows when it comes to your favorite soccer teams, such as AC Milan, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, or any other team you fancy. With passion comes emotion. While being a passionate fan is part of the fun, making emotional decisions when you’re placing bets on soccer games is not.

Bettors should attempt to remove emotional, rash decisions from the equation and use our tips to make more logical choices. We also suggest staying clear of doubling your bet each time you lose in an attempt to win back that first wager. This practice is called the Martingale system, a loss recovery staking method that can lead to devastating losses.

Soccer Betting Tips: Conclusion

The field is fresh with soccer betting opportunities. We feature many soccer games to bet on from various events, such as La Liga, Bundesliga, the Champions League playoffs, the Europa League, the English Premier League, and the World Cup. When you use our best soccer betting tips, the field is fresh with opportunities.

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