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Bind is one of the oldest competitive Valorant maps, available since the Closed Beta on April 7, 2020. Pro teams and any serious competitive players who plan to climb the ranks are consistently refining their Bind map strategies.

If you want to give your team an edge over the competition, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll first provide you with an overview and callouts on Bind, then discuss attacking/defending strategies and the best Agents to pick. The same goes for your Valorant betting strategy. Knowing the Bind map will help you get tactical information on how a particular team might tackle the map. 

Bind Map Overview and Callouts

Bind has a Moroccan theme, and according to Valorant lore, the capital city Rabat is home to this competitive map. It features a radianite refinery as your playground, with two one-way teleporters for both teams to utilize. Unlike most other competitive Valorant maps, like Ascent, Bind doesn’t have a mid-section.

There are 20 callouts on Bind. Pro players use these callouts to suggest the location of an enemy Agent, where their team should move for a play, or even where they plan to throw utility.

  • A Site
  • B Site
  • Bath
  • Cave
  • Cubby
  • Elbow
  • Exit
  • Fountain
  • Garden
  • Hall
  • Lamps
  • Link
  • Lobby
  • Long
  • Short
  • Site
  • Spawn
  • Teleporter
  • Tower
  • Window

Learning all these callouts by heart is one of the first steps Valorant teams should take to perfect their strategy on the Bind map.

Image Source: RIOT Games

How to Attack on Bind Map

Bind is one of the most versatile Valorant maps for attackers as both Site A and Site B have two points you can move through to plant the Spike.

Site A

We suggest going through A Short with some long-range weapons for a faster push to Site A. Alternatively, push slowly through A Long/Bath, watching out for an enemy player in A Tower. Use Brimstone’s smokes to cut off defenders’ line-of-sight.

Site B

The B Site is tricky but not impossible to get into. We suggest simultaneously pushing both entry points (Window and Garden) for a fast strategy. Instead of a telegraphed push to B Site, teams should learn how to fake an A Site push, then commit to a B Site push.

Fake A Site Push

To execute the fake A Site push, put one player on a B Site lurking expedition, carefully moving without dying to gather info. Throw utility in either A Tower or A Bath, then use the teleporter to go straight for a B Site push through Garden and Window, joining up with the lurker.

Create Uncertainty

Always keep the defenders guessing. Use a teleporter and its resulting sound cue as distractions no matter which Site you plan on attacking. Timely distractions can lead to the repositioning of defenders, leaving one area with barely any defense. Give yourself enough time to move into either A Site or B Site with a well-timed excuse and plant the Spike, then take up defensive positions.


Lastly, attackers should always scout for information on enemy positioning. The most important information is knowing which Site the defenders have used to stack three players. Once you know this, head in the opposite direction and plan an execute strategy at the Site with two defenders. We suggest using Raze’s Boom Bot ability to scout an enemy’s position.

How to Defend on Bind Map

With four points on Bind where potential attacks can come from, defenders must stay vigilant. The first decision for the in-game leader is which Site to stack with three players, leaving the other side with only two players. We recommend three players on A Site, and two on B Site, because the latter is a tricky execution for attackers to pull off.

Holding Sites

Your Sentinel player (defensive anchor) using, for example, Sage, should hold B Site with either a Support or a Duelist. The rest should hold A Site, keeping tabs on the Bath, Lamps, and primary site areas. Valorant teams can efficiently stop attackers from getting into A Site with this defensive strategy on Bind. If attackers do get in, it’s advisable to use a utility such as Trailblazers or Flashes to stop the Spike plant.

Communicate and Move

On the defensive side, movement and communication are at the heart of the best Bind strategy for Valorant players. To succeed, your team will need to call out every piece of information on the whereabouts of attackers.

If an attack does focus on the B Site, players from A Site can offer support by using the teleporter to travel to B Short. As a final note for defenders on Bind, we suggest cautiously taking control of Window near the B Site whenever possible.

Bonus tip: Keep up to date with the latest news via our Valorant blog. Developer Riot Games will sometimes make changes to maps, including Bind. An example is how Riot changed the teleporter in B Long, now teleporting Agents to outside A Bath instead of inside A Lobby with patch v6.07  on April 11, 2023.

Best Agents to Use on Bind Map

In competitive Valorant, picking the best Agents for any given map is critical to success, and Bind is no different. Every in-game leader should consider using Agents with abilities to create advantages for their team. If you’re struggling to find the perfect team composition on Bind, then you’re in luck! You’ll find the best Agents to use on Bind below:

  • Sage
  • Skye
  • Raze
  • Viper
  • Brimstone
Image Source: RIOT Games

Some alternatives to mix in are Harbor and Omen as secondary controllers, replacing Brimstone. While Viper is also interchangeable, we suggest perfecting the Sage/Skye combo on Bind, as this strategy offers a ton of healing potential. Raze has a slight advantage over Jett as the primary duelist thanks to her Boom Bot ability, providing additional scouting info.

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