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Want to thrive in the VALORANT Fracture Map? Then you need to read our in-depth guide. We’ll provide an overview of all callouts, dive into strategies for the attacking and defending sides, and finish proceedings with the best Agents to use on this map.

This knowledge will also give you the upper hand when betting on VALORANT as you’ll have a better understanding of the different strategies teams might be using to win the round. 

VALORANT Fracture Map Overview

Riot Games’ popular team-based first-person shooter (FPS), VALORANT, has many unique, exciting maps with diverse layouts and gameplay mechanics. To climb the competitive VALORANT ranks, you must master each map with your squad, including Fracture.

Fracture is the seventh competitive VALORANT map, released with Episode 3 Act 2 (patch v3.05) in September 2021. The map includes rope ascenders, one-way ziplines, and an automatic door as its gameplay features.

Fracture has a very interesting shape with four neutral quadrants and four ultimate orbs. This is different from other competitive maps, like Haven and Breeze, which have two orbs. Most importantly, however, is that defenders spawn in the middle, giving them access to both Spike Sites.

Its theme is a top-secret research facility in New Mexico (Alpha Earth). To quote Agent Fade, “Many people died here. Their fear still lingers.” Don’t worry; your fears of Fracture will disappear as we continue with this VALORANT map guide.

Callouts on Fracture

The key to success in any VALORANT map is awareness. Professional players, casters, and your standard competitive players will use callouts. These callouts on Fracture signify areas of a map. Players can use them to, for example, notify their teammates how enemies are moving from Canteen to Generator for a push on B Site.

Below is a list of all 22 callouts for VALORANT’s Fracture map.

  • A Site
  • A Gate
  • A Dish
  • A Drop
  • A Side
  • A Link
  • A Site
  • A Rope
  • A Main
  • A Door
  • A Hall
  • B Site
  • B Bench
  • B Arcade
  • B Link
  • B Tower
  • B Side
  • B Generator
  • B Canteen
  • B Main
  • B Tunnel
  • B Tree

During the crowning VALORANT Champions 2023 event, Fracture got through the map veto process only once in the playoffs. There are multiple reasons for the low pick rate, including how some teams feel the map isn’t balanced.

Please note: Fracture was removed from the competitive rotation with Episode 7, Act 2 (patch 7.04) on Aug. 29, 2023, and should return later. Developer Riot Games will likely make changes/adjustments to Fracture before its return.

How To Attack On Fracture

Attackers spawn at the top side of the map, and using cross-map ziplines, they can attack the A Site or B Site from any direction. Attackers are spoiled for choice on Fracture, with multiple entry points into each Spike Site and lurking opportunities aplenty.

Attacking A Site on Fracture

One of the best strategies involves attacking the A Site by sending two players through A Door, two through A Main, and one lurker through A Dish, giving you three angles of attack. Use utility to take the A Link area while the two A Main players push into the A Site for a Spike Plant. This creates an opening for your lurker to go through A Dish and A Drop, potentially picking off a retreating enemy Agent.

If there’s too much resistance, attackers can regroup and easily hit B Site using the ziplines, or fake a B Site push to pull some defenders away and hit A Site straight through A Main. In the post-plant situation, block line-of-sight from A Drop and keep control of A Main and A Rope, spamming any defuse attempts with utility and bullets.

Attacking B Site on Fracture

Attacking the B Site on Fracture is slower than the A Site. We recommend sending two players through B Link and two towards B Tower, with one lurking through B Tunnel. Killjoy is perfect for B Tunnel with her Lockdown Ultimate, because it can cover the B Site from below. 

Taking control of B Tower is your first objective. To clear out B Tower completely, use utility and Breach’s Fault Line to disable defenders. Once you get into the B Site, don’t plant the Spike behind radianite boxes, because they’re easy to spam through. Keep B Tower control and use the B Tunnel to catch defenders off-guard.

How To Defend On Fracture

Above all else, teams must take a proactive approach to defending on Fracture. Spawning in the middle of the map, defenders should go on the offensive with early picks (enemy kills) leading to success more often than not.

Defending B Site is all about holding onto B Tower for as long as possible, as it allows you to rotate quickly between B Tunnel and B Arcade while keeping an eye on B Main. Defending A Site from a full push can prove very challenging. We recommend scouting for and then picking off the lurker from the A Dish side. If you can’t get a pick, let the attackers plant the Spike and plan your retake strategy instead.

Defending on Fracture comes down to quick callouts and information gathering. Team communication is essential, and fast rotations are necessary to prevent a post-plant situation. If the attackers do plant the Spike, we suggest regrouping and following our attacking strategies for your retake attempt.

Best Agents To Use On Fracture

The most efficient team composition on Fracture is two Initiators, one Sentinel, one Controller, and a Duelist. You’ll find the best VALORANT Agents to use on Fracture below, including their roles.

  • Raze (Duelist)
  • Brimstone (Controller)
  • Killjoy (Sentinel)
  • Breach (Initiator)
  • Sova (Initiator)

We picked Raze as our Duelist over Jett due to her Boom Bot ability, which is critical to success thanks to its scouting ability. Alternative Agents in the Initiator roles are Skye and KAY/O. Viper is an excellent alternative to Brimstone, with the ability to block two entry points into a Spike Site.

We suggest Killjoy as a must-have Sentinel because she can control one of the bombsites on her own using her Lockdown Ultimate, Turret, Nanoswarm, and Alarmbot to significant effect. Cypher is a good alternative Sentinel on the defense, too, because of her information-gathering prowess.

Playing And Betting On VALORANT Esports

Knowledge is power. With all the information in our Fracture map guide, you can play more efficiently and hopefully get a few more Ws under your belt. We also carefully crafted a Valorant Betting Guide to help you navigate the ins and outs of Valorant betting

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