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Want to rank up in Valorant? Mastering how to play as Reyna may be your golden ticket! After all, this Duelist isn’t popular among esports pros without good reason. Hailing from Mexico, Reyna is armed with a toolkit perfect for aggressively clutching 1v5 situations and turning the tides of battle.

However, maximizing this agent’s abilities requires incredible aim and skill. That’s where we can provide some help. This Valorant Reyna guide will break down everything you need to know to play like a pro. Learn how to play Reyna on offense and defense and climb the ranks to Radiant right here!

What are Reyna’s Abilities?

Reyna is best paired with Valorant players who embrace aggressive playstyles. Why? She’s a monster in 1v1 combat, especially in the hands of highly skilled players. To illustrate, let’s break down each of Reyna’s abilities to spotlight why she’s such an indomitable force in the first place.


As soon as Reyna clinches an enemy kill, she unlocks the power of Soul Orbs. At the crossroads of decision? Use Dismiss. This post-kill ability lets Reyna become invincible for a short duration, allowing her to reposition for clutch plays or weave in and out of difficult situations with finesse.

And if she’s under the influence of her Empress? Not only does she glide faster, but she also cloaks herself in invisibility. But be careful—misusing Dismiss can make you vulnerable when you least expect it. That’s because the enemy team can still chase you down once you return to normal.


Taking fire? Reyna’s got you. By consuming a Soul Orb, she can regenerate to full health and stack on a temporary shield. But here’s the twist: during her Empress state, Devour kicks in automatically without depleting the orb!

But it doesn’t stop there. Reyna’s healing can exceed the 100 HP limit. This overheal lasts 30 seconds and is a game-changer during pistol rounds, giving her a massive health advantage over opponents.


Leer is Reyna’s masterstroke in Valorant. It affects multiple enemy players simultaneously and has a long range, forcing all affected into Nearsight. Well, it applies as long as it’s thrown in their line of sight. To make it more effective, combine Leer with other utilities, like Phoenix or Breach’s Flash.

Leer’s true essence is its ability to cloud vision, even through walls. As a Reyna player, you can also use Leer to bait agents. For example, you can lure Killjoy out of Lockdown, forcing her to shoot the orb or become Nearsighted. This makes it harder for her to defend her ult equipment.

Empress (Ultimate Ability)

Get ready to enter beast mode. Once activated, Reyna’s ultimate Empress invokes fear across the battleground. And that’s not just showmanship! With Empress active, her firing rate and her equip and reload speeds are boosted. Her abilities are supercharged, too.

The cherry on top? Unlimited Soul Harvest charges, which means Reyna’s dance of Dismiss and Devour becomes relentless. Every kill under her ult resets its timer, too, which makes her even deadlier.

How to Play Reyna on Offense

As a duelist, Reyna thrives in the initiator role. In short, her kit is designed for self-sufficiency and unparalleled fragging potential. Her Devour ability allows her to make hyper-aggressive plays and snowball in gunfights. That said, Leer can also be a nightmare for enemies.

How to Use Leer

Leer travels through walls and breaks enemy crosshair placement, making them vulnerable to attack. Generally, you’ll toss it above head level or through a corner when peeking at an angle. That way, you can clear an area or force enemies out of cover when pushing a site or holding a post-plant.

You can also use a double Leer. Throw one in a predictable position and the other in a different direction. This tactic will confuse enemies, allowing you to gun them down from an off-angle. If you’re against a Jett, anticipate a dash post-Leer and pre-aim where she may land.

Be Aggressive

As a Reyna player, you need to be ballsy. With Dismiss and Devour at your disposal (especially during Empress), you can adopt risky positions, lurk for frags, or reset unfavorable gunfights. However, while Reyna thrives in action, the art is knowing when and how to use her abilities.

That said, many players hold onto Reyna’s ult. Instead, activate it when the kill potential is high, like during retakes. The ult resets after a kill and incentivizes aggressive plays. Also, leverage the overheal. Those extra HP points can be decisive in duels or while taking objectives.

Team Play is Still Crucial

Reyna may be self-sufficient, but team play amplifies her strengths. Coordinate with agents that can create space, like Jett and Raze, or those with disruptive utilities, such as a Breach flash or a Sova drone. Mastering Reyna requires a blend of aggression, strategy, and synergy.

How to Play Reyna on Defense

While Reyna is one of the best agents for clutch plays in Valorant, she’s also lethal on defense. Taking early engagements allows you to get a kill. Then, use Dismiss to retreat and avoid a trade. Or, if you don’t find a pick-off, you can push and flank the enemy. Be confident in taking fights.

Stay Close to Your Enemies

Reyna thrives in close quarters, holding tight angles and utilizing unexpected off-angles to catch opponents off-guard. This is because you can use Dismiss to reposition yourself to safety or use Devour to recover. On the defensive, this can drastically delay enemy pushes and break their morale.

Remember to Use Dismiss

After securing a kill, instead of simply using Dismiss to retreat, Reyna can also use it to advance to an unexpectedly closer position. This can catch enemies off-guard, thinking Reyna pulled back when, in reality, she’s closer.

Again, remember to use her ult. It’s better to use it and get some value than to save it and never find the right moment. It’s a psychological win when enemies hear, “They will cower!” because they will be inherently more cautious and hesitant. Use this to your advantage. 

Ultimately, Reyna’s strength diminishes against multiple foes. So, always try to lure enemies into 1v1 battles.

Final Thoughts on Playing Reyna

Reyna is a high-risk, high-reward Valorant agent who shines in the hands of gamers with strong shooting mechanics and decision-making abilities. She provides the tools to make a significant impact, whether you’re on offense or defense.

Embrace the aggressive playstyle, be unpredictable, and you’ll find success with the queen of duels. With these pro-level Reyna tips, nothing should stop you from dominating the battleground.

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