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Vegas Hot Slot has everything you would expect from a Vegas-themed online slot machine. The symbols consist of lemons, grapes, cherries, oranges, bells, BARS, and sevens. These are the symbols that people have come to appreciate and love ever since casinos were first invented. When you see the reels spinning and the bright and colorful symbols coming to a stop, there’s no other feeling like it!

Fun trivia: the symbol ‘7’ has been used across Las Vegas slot machines for decades. The reason for this is that numerous religions claim God created the world in 6 days before resting on the 7th day, which is why there are 7 days in a week as well as 7 wonders of the world. Make no doubt about it: 7 is a special number (and a lucky one, for many), which is why it’s so iconic in the Las Vegas gambling scene. 

In addition to this, Vegas Hot also has:

  • X2 Wall Multiplier bonus (which can be activated when you get a 3×3 grid of the same symbols, enabling you to get bigger wins) 
  • Fun sound effects and graphics 

If you’re currently searching for an online slot machine to play, Vegas Hot is definitely the one for you.

Vegas Hot Demo Version

Key Vegas Hot Features

Vegas Hot is a fun, easy online slot with a total of 5 pay lines. There are 3 horizontal pay lines across the screen combined together with the 2 vertical pay lines. This is great news for people who prefer multiple pay lines rather than the single pay line that’s often associated with old-school slot machines. 

Now, it’s time to do a deep dive into more details surrounding Vegas Hot – one of the hottest slot games available today. 

Release Year: 2014

Software: Wazdan 

Devices: Vegas Slot is ready to play on PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile. When you’re at home, you might prefer to play on your PC or laptop. Then, when you’re out of the house, you can play on your smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone or Android.  

Operating Systems: Vegas Hot is available on Windows, iOS (Apple), Android, and HTML5. That’s right: every mainstream operating system is covered, making it an accessible game for everyone.  

Minimum Bet: $0.20 

Maximum Bet: $100

Return to Play (RTP): Vegas Hot has an RTP of 96.05%. This is considered a mid-range RTP. 

Jackpot Style: Standard. Vegas Hot doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot.  

Now, let’s examine the layout of Vegas Hot. 

Layout of Vegas Hot 

After firing up Vegas Hot on your chosen device, you’ll see that it has a Vegas-like feel, from the neon ‘VEGAS HOT’ lettering to the brightly colored background. 

The layout of the actual slot reels is a 3×3 grid (3 reels and 3 rows) with the pay line numbers listed on the sides to make life easier for you. As you spin the reels, the click of the reels spinning, followed by the clunky noise when they stop, is incredibly fun to hear and witness. The volatility is also adjustable to your liking, which is excellent news. 

What’s the theme of Vegas Hot? “Vegas, baby!”. These are the famous words spoken by almost everyone on planet earth that’s visited Las Vegas. While playing Vegas Hot, the theme and atmosphere will help to encourage you, especially when you go on some hot winning streaks. Compared to some slot games, Vegas Hot is a real boredom killer – and it’s mainly thanks to the expertly crafted theme.  

Vegas Hot - Wazdan

How to play Vegas Hot

To play Vegas Slot, all you need to do is choose the amount of money you want to bet (e.g., $9) before then clicking the spin button in the bottom right corner. Alternatively, if you want to try fast mode, you can spin the reels using the space bar. Like with all slot machines, the aim is to get 3 (or more) matching symbols. In Vegas Slot, there are 5 unique pay lines, so there are plenty of opportunities to rack up matching symbols and get some nice prizes.

Check Out the Full Pay Vegas Hot Table Before You Play the Game: 

From zesty oranges to vintage BARS, Vegas Hot has all the classic slot symbols you would expect to see. Fingers crossed, you’ll get matching sevens! To get started, you can try the demo version of Vegas Hot today. 

Play Vegas Hot with Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies

It’s possible to play Vegas Hot using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

Below are the payment options available for Vegas Hot players:

  • Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) 
  • Credit card 
  • Debit card 
  • Google Pay 
  • Apple Pay 

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What Certifications Does Vegas Hot Have? 

Vegas Hot is officially certified and regulated by the following: 
The Malta Gaming Authority 
Gambling Commission 
When you play this game, your money is 100 percent safe. 
Where Can I Play Vegas Hot? 
You can place your bets on Vegas Hot by visiting Thunderpick – a popular online casino. 

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