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Casino Promo. It could come at any time between August 22 and August 30 (CET), so be ready. 

When the Mega Flash shows up during the Spinomenal Promo, it means that whatever bet you’ve placed is multiplied by a thousand, whether it turns out to be a winning bet or not! 

All you have to do is place a bet on one of the participating games during the promotion period and keep a lookout for the Mega Flash! Participating games are Book of Rebirth, Book of Demi Gods 2, Egyptian Rebirth 2, Goddess of Lotus.

The Mega Flash is triggered randomly and there’s no limit on how many times it can happen so it can always be on the next turn!

You think winning with your regular bet is great? Try winning times a thousand!

T&Cs :
• The Mega Flash Win is randomly triggered.
• The Mega Flash Win multiplier is based on the bet amount, that was placed while the feature was triggered.
• There is no limitation on the amount of Mega Flash Wins that can be triggered.
• The Mega Flash Win feature can be triggered during a losing ticket or a winning ticket.

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