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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter game that requires tactical teamwork and aiming skills. The points where you use grenades, essential angles of the maps, economy control, and winning the team game are the most important elements of CS:GO. In more detail, what is CS:GO exactly?

Valve originally released CS:GO in 2012. However, as everyone knows, the history of the Counter-Strike adventure dates back to 1999. Let’s look at what CS:GO is and what it is not.

CS:GO’s competitive environment from its past to the present has become indispensable for eSports organizations with its tournaments and awards.

what is csgo

As the years progressed, with the release of CSGO, the game started to become more united with the community. Then, with the skins that came to the weapons, knives, and player models in the game, CSGO turned into a major project.

CSGO, which has reached millions, has become completely free with a decision taken by Valve in 2018. While most community players opposed this development as it allowed cheating, Valve chose not to back down.

By 2021, it has managed to become one of the most played FPS games globally, with CS:GO eSports tournaments and over 700,000 players per day.

How Is It Played?

We would like to tell you a little bit about how to play CSGO step by step with a quick and brief look. First of all, you should not forget that CSGO has almost the same gameplay as other FPS games Call of Duty, Valorant, and R6. However, there are some gameplay differences that distinguish CSGO from others. Now let’s see how CS:GO is played by looking at these differences.

  • There are two teams in the game. The first is the terrorists, and the other is the anti-terrorists. These teams consist of 5 people, and they are prepared for conflict by spawning at two different ends of the map.
  • As we are used to from other games, CSGO has more than one mode. We will talk about these in the following topic. However, the mode most players prefer is 5vs5 ranked matches.
  • T’s are always the attackers in Ranked matches. If the terrorists who try to enter the A or B region can achieve this, they start to wait by setting up a bomb in that region. ATs, on the other hand, must display a tight team game to be able to defuse the bomb in the area.
  • After the terrorists plant the bomb, the ATs have a total of 40 seconds to defuse the bomb. If the bomb explodes, the terrorist team wins the round. If the round expires without placing the bomb, the Anti-Terrorists win the round.
skins in csgo
  • Each game has a total of 30 rounds. After the number of rounds played by both teams reaches 15, the teams switch sides. Also, whichever team wins 16 rounds first wins the match. If a ranked match ends 15-15, the match is considered a draw. In eSport matches, on the other hand, there are overtimes.
  • There is an in-game currency that you get every round in the game whether you win or lose. The more you win, the more money you earn. Weapons in the game are purchased with this money. At this point, there is a term called “eco” in the game. The team that lost consecutive rounds tries to save money by making an “economy.” The purpose of this is to be fully armed to prevent constant losing.

All these features are an indication of why CSGO alone is backing the eSports industry. The game has millions of viewers as detailed strategic moves, and a high game skill level is required.

What Are The Game Modes?

There are currently six playable game modes in CSGO. All of these modes have different gameplay styles. Usually, players play these modes to test their skills before ranked matches. Some modes are all about fun.

  1. Competitive Mode

It is a game mode in CSGO where players compete fiercely to determine their rank. As we mentioned above, it is done as 5v5, and the team that wins 16 rounds wins the game.

  1. Casual Mode

It is exactly the same as the competitive mode, with the only difference being that teams consist of 10 players. No points are lost in casual matches. There are 15 rounds of 2 minutes in total. And the team that wins eight rounds is the winner.

  1. Deathmatch

It is a mode that is generally played for entertainment purposes. Rounds are 10 minutes, and when the time is up, the game is considered over. The ranking is determined among the players with the highest number of kills.

types of matches in csgo

In this mode, every player can get the weapon they want. Also, every player who dies automatically respawns after a certain time and continues to fight. Finally, with Operation Riptide, two new gameplay types have been determined in this mode, apart from classic.

  • FFA Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  1. Wingman

It has rules that apply to competitive mode. In this mode, each team has two players. And the maps are smaller.

  1. Wargames

There are four different modes in this mode.

  • In Retakes mode, there are three players in the terrorists and four players in the anti-terrorists. The rounds begin with the automatic placement of the bomb.
  • Flying Scoutsman is one of the most fun mods in CSGO. The game contains only the SSG 08 and the knife. Gravity in the game has decreased, and movement speed is high.
  • In Demolition mode, each team has six players. Terrorists fight against the timer before placing the C4 explosive. It is based on the classic bomb disposal scenario.
  • Arms Race mode is one of the fastest modes. Players who die are constantly resurrected. Both teams have six players. As players get kills, the weapons in their hands change.
  1. Danger Zone

Danger Zone is a game mode developed by CSGO as an alternative to battle royale games. A total of 18 players land on a battlefield, collect equipment and start fighting. The last person alive wins the game.

How to Use Skins in CSGO?

Skins are cosmetic items that change the look of the weapons, knives, and player models you use in CSGO. These skins do not make the weapon easier to use. They are used for visual purposes only. Players usually get these skins by opening the cases in the game with a key.

When the case is opened, a random skin drops from it. Each case has its own unique features. Some of these skins can be sold for high prices. Although generally, players use 3rd party sites for skin trading, it is sometimes available on the Steam Community Market.

CSGO Rank System

As in every competitive game, CSGO has ranks that you can place with the points you get from competitive matches. Players new to CSGO are assigned a specific rank after playing ten competitive matches. 

The main CSGO ranks are;

  • Silver
  • Gold Nova
  • Master Guardian
  • Legendary Eagle
  • Supreme Master First Class
  • The Global Elite

CSGO eSport Tournaments

CSGO has big tournament loops just like traditional sports. It is especially supported by one of the biggest tournaments, Major Valve. In these tournaments, the best players and top teams of CSGO fight for the championship cup.

PGL Major 2021

This struggle has also created a significant eSports industry. In this industry, CSGO is moved to a whole new level by attracting the attention of the betting industry.

Biggest CSGO Leagues

  • More than one big tournament is held in CSGO every year. This year’s PGL Major Stockholm 2021 has left its mark on the eSports industry with its huge prize pool of $2,000,000.
  • Likewise, ESL Pro League Season 14, held this summer, attracts attention with its $750k prize pool. Generally, 24 teams take part in this tournament. There was fierce competition in the ESL league, which started last summer.
  • And then, of course, the BLAST Premier Global Finals 2021 with a prize of $1,000,000. Teams that have made their mark on CSGO, such as G2, NIP, Astralis, Vitality, Gambit, NAVI, and Liquid, are fighting for the prize in an epic competition.

Where Can I Watch CSGO Tournaments?

Twitch, of course. Most tournaments have their own dedicated Twitch channel. You can watch these channels live by following them. Likewise, you can follow the matches live by entering the Youtube channels of these tournaments in their own names.

Who is the Best Team and Player in CSGO?

The answer to this question changes every year. However, according to a statement made by a CSGO authority called HLTV, Gambit is currently the best CSGO team globally. But remember this ranking changes every month.

 csgo top player

The best player ranking is based on current statistics. It may change.

  1. Mathieu Herbaut (ZywOo)

He is a ZywOo Vitality player, and his most used weapon is AWP with 35.95%. In addition, the player with a 41.6% headshot rate also has a 1.38 KD rate. However, ZywOo deals 89.2% damage to the opposing team each round.

  1. Aleksandr Kostyliev (s1mple)

To most community members, the living legend of CSGO is s1mple. Just like ZywOo, the weapon he uses the best is AWP. He has a total headshot rate of 41.5%. S1mple with a KD ratio of 1.33 inflicts 86.2% damage to his opponents in each round. He currently plays for the Natus Vincere team.

  1. Dmitry Sokolov (sh1ro)

He is one of the youngest players in CSGO. At the age of 19, sh1ro playing for Gambit has a 28.1% headshot rate. However, since his KD ratio is 1.44, we can say that he is the third-best CSGO player.

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