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Sports games have released a new game every year for a long time. Especially FIFA and NBA, which are considered the most popular sports games, are some of these games. FIFA almost destroyed its rival PES in the market on the football side. Likewise, NBA 2K is at the top of the rankings after its rival, the NBA Live series, took a break. So what is the NBA 2K series? Let’s take a closer look at what it is.

Of course, development slows down in environments where there is no competition and corruption occurs. The only problem with sports games in recent times is that they are uncompetitive. Although some innovations have been brought to the series with NBA 2K20, it still seems to be a repetitive game. 

NBA2K is a basketball sports simulation first released in 1999, and it continues on its way by releasing NBA 2K22 in the last period. The goal of the NBA 2K series is to create a sports game by imitating the National Basketball Association. NBA 2K has typical gameplay where you control a single player or team. In-game rules are designed just like real basketball rules.

At the same time, the start of the game is exactly the same as the start of real NBA games. It includes the players and teams of that period in the game version released every year. Transfers, performance status, and all other features are transferred to the game according to the information that took place that year.

In the game, names such as Damian Lillard, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James are used as advertising faces from time to time to create hype.

Which Platforms Is NBA 2K Played On?

The NBA was released by 2K Sports on a variety of consoles. Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOs, Wii, and Nintendo Switch are among the platforms supported.

How to Play NBA 2K?

There are too many key combinations in NBA 2K as in other basketball games. Generally, beginners will have difficulty getting used to these keys. You can play the NBA2K series simply with pass, shoot, sprint, and arrow keys. However, as you learn the game, you will need to perform complex moves such as pitch asking, post-up, and slam dunk. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how you can improve yourself in NBA2K.

  • Basically, when you press the “X” key twice, you throw the pass to your teammate by hitting the parquet.
  •  When you press the “R1” key while you have the ball, a menu will appear on your players. From this menu, you can choose who to throw the pass.
  •  If you hold down the “L1” key, you will call your teammate to the screen. This action usually works very well in the game. If you do this tactic with the player, you usually score the most points with. For example, you press and hold the L1 key, and one of your defenders will come in front of the player; you have the ball and try to open an area for him to screen.
  •  If you hold the “L2” key while you have the ball, your player will turn around and start to back up towards the opponent. And by dragging the opponent to the bottom of the basket, you try to squeeze the game into a narrow area.
  •  One of the most famous moves in the NBA is the Alley-oop. To do this, timing and observation are crucial. If you quickly see your teammate’s run under the basket and press the “Triangle” button twice in a row, you will get a tremendous Alley-oop pass.
  • And we came to the most indispensable move of the NBA. How to slam dunk? This is actually very simple. To dunk, we must press the sprint button and head towards the basket, and never take our hand off the smash button. Also, if you remove your hand from the arrow keys, you cannot dunk. In short, you have to press and hold the fast run + direction button + shot button simultaneously.

What are NBA 2K Game Modes?

As every year, there are three main modes in NBA 2K. It also has various features that you can play online as a side mode. In general, MyCAREER is the favorite mode of most NBA 2K players.


NBA2K has long allowed players to create their own basketball players. You embark on many adventures with the character you create in career mode. We witness a new story and new season adventures in every game of NBA 2K. Career mode starts with the interest of universities in our players, depending on our performance in the matches.

We start our career by graduating from high school and transitioning to the school that we influence with our gameplay. If we can show the same rising performance in college, we can qualify to join one of the NBA teams during the draft. If you can successfully pass the trial period, our NBA adventure begins with MyCAREER. In short, this game mode answers the question of what NBA 2K is.


MyTeam is a competitive mode that we are used to from FIFA Ultimate Team. In this game mode, we start the game with the chosen team. Additionally, what you can do in NBA 2K Myteam is pretty clear. You can customize our team, basketball court, or even our coach in this mode. Then you can enjoy the game with your own taste.

There are weak and low-priced players in our team at the beginning stage. You can turn this powerless team into a dream squad of stars as time goes on. Of course, since this is very difficult, most players buy player packs using micropayment methods. You can get star basketball players by opening these packages. 

MyLeague- MyGM

These two game types are the least played modes of NBA 2K. MyLeague is a game type in which you can control the entire league you choose, and in MyGM, you select any team and carry out the managerial task.

NBA Today

It is a mode that you can play by choosing one of the teams that took place and will take place on the same day in the NBA.


It is perhaps one of NBA 2K’s most beloved game modes. You will fight against your opponents on the street court with any player you choose. There are also various types, especially one on one, five on five, or three on three.

What is NBA2K eSports League?

It is a league announced in 2017 with the joint decision of Take-Two Interactive and the NBA. This tournament was last held in 2021. In addition, there are 24 teams in total in this league. Matches are usually broadcast live on the Twitch platform, and we can say that there is a high level of competition.

This $100,000 tournament takes place at NBA2K League in New York, and players must be over 18 to participate.


The NBA game series dominates the industry with various modes, eSport league, and high-level competitive matches. However, the NBA2K community complains that the same game is released every year. Especially the latest game, NBA2K 22, received a lot of criticism for its similarity to the game released last year. If you want to hear more about the NBA, stay tuned.

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