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You’ve probably already read our announcement about upcoming changes in our permanent promotions. We’re kicking off the changes with our most popular offer – Thunderpick Races! They are fans’ favourites, and since there’s so many people actively taking part in them, it’s only fair that the Races would be the first promo on our improvement chopping board.

🏁 Once the July 3rd comes rolling down, the Thunderpick Races will be featured more often and have a higher prize💰

Now, the Races will be featuredevery two days❗which means around 15 a month, and the prize pool increased from €16,000 to a massive €45,000. 

Here is a comparison table for the people who don’t like to read:

NowAfter the Change
Monthly prize pool€16,000€45,000
Frequency Weekly Race (4 a month)Every Two Days (15 a month). Starts: Sunday 3rd of July
12:00 UTC.
Prize pool per race€4000€3000
Prizes per tournament150150

How To Earn Points?

If you want to win the cash from Thunderpick Races, you need to know how to count your points, to find the most profitable solution. We’re here to help with a friendly formula to solve while having fun betting!

The solution is simple: wager amount × odds × category modifier.

For eSports and sports betting, only wagers with odds from 1.30 to 100.00 take part in the competition. Of course, they are only accounted for if you’ve placed them on our platform. Duh!
For Casino games, there is a slightly easier formula, that only counts wager amount × category modifier.

And here are the modifiers!

  • Pre-match betting: 0.4
  • In-play betting: 0.25
  • Combo betting: 0.6
  • Thunder Spin: 0.18
  • Thunder Crash: 0.14
  • Slots: 0.08
  • Blackjack: 0.015
  • Poker: 0.05
  • Roulette: 0.06
  • Craps: 0.05
  • Lottery: 0.12
  • Cards: 0.03
  • Casual: 0.12
  • Other: 0.05

It’s good to finally get it off my chest! Stay tuned for more information!

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